Friday, January 13, 2012


Betcha didn't think I'd post on here anymore, didya? Thing is, I lost my motivation to make plushies a while back, and decided I'd give afghans a shot. That lasted until I got halfway through four of 'em. Then I took a break from crocheting. Why did I take a break? Let's see...well, first of all, I finally got a job, at Michael's no less. It's like the perfect place for me, between the yarn and the amazing people that I work with. On top of that, I started dating this amazing guy about three months back, a little after I started the job, who also seems to be perfect for me. Between work, the boy, running errands and trying to make time for my little sister (who really, really misses me sometimes, even though she won't admit it), there just hasn't been much time to crochet. HOWEVER. My sister got a DS for Christmas. After five minutes of playing, I decided I needed one two. After getting nearly every Pokemon game for it, I realized I needed to start crocheting those little critters again. I'm starting to grab my hooks more often now, working on things I can find a pattern for. Hopefully soon I'll be motivated enough to start making things from scratch again and I'll have some stuff to share with y'all!